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Advertising and Digital Marketing Services - Greenville, SC

Advertising Opportunities

Online Banner Ads

Reach your best customers by placing your online advertising message within targeted areas of or any of our niche sites. You may also reach a broader audience with a run-of-site schedule throughout all sites.

FOR LIVE DEMO CLICK: leaderboard, skyscraperbig box
and half page ad

Pencil Ad/Sliding Billboard

With a Pencil ad, your message will be the first thing people see when they log on to or open a specific page of the site of your choosing. These ads grab readers’ attention because they dominate the page and then scroll up to rest as a horizontal position at the very top of the page.





Peel Back Ads

Stand out from the crowd with a Peel Back ad. The page flips down to show your ad message, and then comes back up to rest from the top right corner. When viewers scroll over the flap, your ad message expands again.




Weather Widget

Capture the attention of your potential customers with a weather widget ad. The weather widget is displayed prominently on all section fronts —ensuring maximum exposure for your business.



Weather Adjacency’s weather page provides readers with a current or 7-day forecast, including live radar. Your three available ad positions include:

  • A top and bottom page leaderboard
  • Skyscraper




Pre-roll Video Commercials

Your business will receive prominent exposure with a 15-second commercial displayed before online news video runs. We’ll enhance your advertising message by displaying it as a leaderboard ad that remains during the news video, plus you’ll receive a corresponding sponsorship on the multimedia home page!


Online Commercials

Place a video clip in an ad position on to engage local consumers searching for news and information throughout and any of our niche websites.

Position is a 300 x 250 Big Box ad, and videos can be placed on all pages. Sound must be initiated by the consumer.





Break-Out Animation

Break-Out Animation is a unique, unforgettable online advertising tool sure to catch and keep the attention of your potential customers. These ads surprise viewers with animation that “breaks-out” on the screen and then “floats” over to an Island or Leaderboard ad position. Your business’ ad will then remain on the page after the floating ad fades.



This content requires the Adobe Flash Player.


Local Search and Local Search Sponsorship

Put the power of Internet search to work for you, locally on Local Search advertising features include:

  • Top listing on search results in your categories of choice
  • Enhanced, customized listing
  • Key word sponsorships with your ad on the search results pages and your word(s) of choice search capability
  • Logo addition

For maximum exposure and to establish an unmistakable presence in the market, be the Local Search Sponsor, and we will feature your click-able logo on every page throughout



Mobile Website

Readers can find news and information wherever they find themselves, right from their cell phone or PDA. You get an audience who wants to stay informed in a fast paced world.

Reader receives:

  • Updates and breaking local news
  • Sports, Business, Entertainment or Weather

Advertiser receives:

  • Exclusive position
  • Logo or banner sponsorship options
  • Links to splash or landing page

Z.A.G. Targeting

As the area’s leading site for local news, enjoys wide reach across the market. But we can also help you target specific people, or specific areas within The Upstate. With Z.A.G., target your online advertising by Zip Code, Age or Gender, so your ads reach readers most likely to respond to your message.

It’s simple:

  • Pick readers living and working in specific Zip codes
  • Select an Age range or income bracket that best fits your current or desired customer
  • Run banner ads that appeal by Gender (targeted to men or women)

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting increases the effectiveness of your campaigns by delivering advertisements to the users who are most likely to be influenced by them. Behavioral targeting uses information collected on an individual's web-browsing behavior, such as the pages they have visited or the searches they have made, to select which advertisements to display to that individual.

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